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Is your garden looking tired and in need of TLC? At Mac Landscapes one of our fundamental priorities is leaving you with a garden you are proud of and want to spend more time in. Message us and see what we can do to transform your garden.

  • Yard cleanup
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Grass Mowing / Maintenance
  • Flower Planting


Has the wind got hold of your fence? Mac Landscapes specialize in putting up fences in all shapes and sizes. We believe that if you’re fence/border is done correctly it not only secures your property but can also enhance the look of your garden. We take pride in making sure your new fence will stay up for years to come in the poorest weather conditions. To see the various styles of fences we install head over to our products and have a browse through.


Is your patio looking tired and uneven? Are you looking for a level area for socialising or maybe even a hot tub? At Mac Landscapes we pride ourselves on making sure you’re patio is level and sturdy, making sure you don’t have any trapped rain puddles. As patio’s are one of our main expertise we can even extend your existing patio keeping the same style slabs, following the contour of your garden. Once we have finished you’d never know the original patio had been extended.

Our Most Recent Project:

Soft & Hard LandscapesSoft & Hard Landscapes

At Mac landscapes we have the ability and expertise to totally transform your landscape. We cater to both residential and business’s. Is your area too steep to relax in the back garden? Do you need it leveling? Below is a few projects we undertook in the last year.

Please feel free to message us to find out how we can inform you about your landscape.

Ground WorkGround Work

At Mac Landscapes we have invested in having some of the best machinery to help us with some of the mundane tasks. Earlier this year we invested in a Mini Digger and Dumper, both on tracks and available to hire with expertise to handle all types of tasks.

Check below for more projects we undertook with the Mini Digger and Dumper

If you thinking about hiring us to help with your ground work tasks, please don’t hesitate to contact on either number at the top of your screen or drop us a message via the green button in the bottom corner.

Tree CuttingTree Cutting

Whilst we are equipped to handle situations where you garden is overgrown and tree’s are taking up your landscape, we are not tree surgeons. We will help to maintain tree line and perimeters and even reduce trees back to trunks or stumps and if need be remove the stumps too.

Waste RemovalWaste Removal

At Mac Landscapes we have a waste removal license, this comes in handy so that we can remove any waste we create, for example the old fence if we are replacing fences and posts, aggregates such as soil, clay, stone, concrete, any greenery from hedging trimming or tree cutting, even old roots if needed to get the perfect fit for the fence posts.